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It dwells within
Es weilt im Inneren

This group of works is the main series of MasakiHagino's work. Based on his study of human perception and the subjective representation of space in the brain, the works are expressed in layers of wax or silicone and oil colours by using multispatial perspective technique developed by himself. His works have been exhibited in many galleries and art fairs in Europe and abroad, and have also been nominated and won several prestigious awards.

Diese Werkgruppe ist die wichtigste Serie im Schaffen von Masaki Hagino. Ausgehend von seiner Studie über die menschliche Wahrnehmung und die subjektive Darstellung des Raums im Gehirn werden die Werke in Schichten aus Wachs oder Silikon und Ölfarben unter Verwendung der von ihm selbst entwickelten Technik der räumlichen Perspektive dargestellt. Seine Werke wurden in vielen Galerien und auf Kunstmessen in Europa und im Ausland ausgestellt und wurden für mehrere renommierte Preise nominiert und ausgezeichnet.


This work is the result of extensive research and experimentation conducted by Hagino during his studies in Germany. He created a technique named 'multiple spatial perspective' in order to confront the difficult problems of 'perceptual cognition in the human brain, which is continuously layered and complemented in fragments' and 'the establishment of a new expression in the spatial representation of painting'. This is based on the brain science-based concept that the perceived spatial perception in the human brain is folded and filtered by emotions, memories and knowledge, and aims at a complex mixture of perspective from different periods in Western and Asian art. He succeeded in this seemingly impossible task by using intricate screen divisions and multiple layers of translucent materials.

The innermost layer, or the first layer, is painted in space on canvas or other surface using mainly oil paints, while the second layer is a thin layer of translucent wax, silicone or synthetic resin, which covers the entire canvas The trees, which are already painted with complex and divergent back and forth relationships and perspectives at the first layer, are perceived by the viewer By starting from the second layer as if to complete the painting from scratch again, the already complex perspective is made more complex and a departure from the usual spatial representation of paintings is attempted.
Due to the thickness of the material (5 mm - 1 cm), the paint and lines on the second layer cast a faint shadow on the first layer. The matiere and shadows physically created on the screen have a very significant visual effect. The back and forth relationship with the first layer is further complicated by the transmission of the second layer of oil paint, thinned with turpentine oil.




By dividing and repositioning the elements that make up the painting, and the elements through which humans perceive the painting, onto the canvas, it becomes possible to touch on the invisibility of 'subjectivity', where each person sees different things. Hagino presents a completely new way of being in painting, moving back and forth between this natural human system and the reconfiguration of painting that has continued for thousands of years.



"A study of the relationship between subjectivity, time and memory XLVII"
Mixedmedia with silicone on canvas, 130 x 162cm, 2024


"A study of the relationship between subjectivity, time and memory XXXV"
Mixedmedia with silicone on canvas, 60 x 50cm, 2023


"A study of the relationship between subjectivity, time and memory XXXIV"
Mixedmedia with silicone and beeswax on canvas, 45,5 x 38cm, 2023


"A study of the relationship between subjectivity, time and memory XVII"
Mixedmedia with silicone on wood, 80 x 100cm, 2023

"A study of the relationship between subjectivity, time and memory XXVI"
Mixedmedia with silicone on canvas, 50 x 60cm, 2023

"The inner forest inside me X"
Mixedmedia with Paraffinwax on wood, 50 x 70cm, 2021

"The inner forest inside me I"
Mixedmedia with Paraffinwax on wood, 120 x 150cm, 2019

"The inner forest inside me XII"
Mixedmedia with Paraffinwax on wood, 120 x 150cm, 2019


"The forest inside me VII"
Mixedmedia with Paraffinwax on wood, 120 x 150cm, 2014


"The forest inside me I"
Mixedmedia with Paraffinwax on canvas, 150 x 150cm, 2013

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