It dwells within

Es weilt im Inneren


This series launched in 2014 is a study in the development of expressive techniques in layers as well as in the representation of subjective space. The use of multiple perspectives with wax allows the artist to highlight the gap between the real world and the world we perceive and reconstruct in our brains, and to engage with the subjectivity of the viewer.


The raining

Das Regnen


"What is photography? What is Painting? What is reality?". I would like to understand better how people perceive the reality, on what information they rely on to create this presentation, and how they feel about it.

Spatial painting

Räumliche Malerei


I try to answer the question "What is the representation of reality?". I believe that peo-ple perceive the world using filters created by feelings, prejudices and acquired know-ledge. Furthermore, I believe that my work needs to be associated with people's feelings and thoughts in order to be complete.