Main work


It dwells within

Es weilt im Inneren


Mixed media (charcoal, paraffine wax, mar-ble, glue, coffee, oil and acryl) on canvas, covered whole canvas several times with a plurality of paraffin layers in order to create the impression of the filter which I paint white layers between coats.


The raining

Das Regnen


"What is photography? What is Painting? What is reality?". I would like to understand better how people perceive the reality, on what information they rely on to create this presentation, and how they feel about it.

Spatial painting

Räumliche Malerei


I try to answer the question "What is the representation of reality?". I believe that peo-ple perceive the world using filters created by feelings, prejudices and acquired know-ledge. Furthermore, I believe that my work needs to be associated with people's feelings and thoughts in order to be complete.